Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 Jan 2011

t's a strange feeling writing my last email on the mission. I prayed everyday that this moment would never come. I don't want my mission to come to an end. But, everything has a purpose.
I don't know who I would be with the mission. The things that I have learned during these 2 years have changed everything about me. It has changed the way that I am, the way that I think. The mission really opened my eyes on what is important in life, and what isn't. I have never been more thankful for you, the family than I am now. I know understand what I always took for grantee. The best part of my life is my family. After meeting so many people with run down homes, I finally understand how impossible it is to have a happy home without the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The world is to hard, there isn't anyway to overcome the hardships in our days if it isn't for Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the wonderful helped that I have recieved from all of you over these 2 years. The countless emails, letters, paackages, and pictures have helped me so much.
The biggest lesson that I have learnd on the mission is that the Savior Jesus Christ lives. That he loves me, and that he paid for my sins. I learned for myself that the Savior Jesus Christ knows me. He knows who I am, He knows what I need and what my problems are. I know in a very real way that the atonement is real. That we can recieve forgiveness for our sins. I love you all, i hope that we can have a eternal family. I love this gospel, I look forward to starting my next mission.

Hurrah for Israel

Elder Olsen

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